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2019 MRPA Long-Range Governor's Trophy June 8-9

  • 16 Feb 2020 8:52 PM
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    Bill Bruske (Administrator)

    2019 MRPA



    JUNE 8-9


     Match 1

    10 SHOT

    1000 Yds.

    Match 2

    10 SHOT

    1000 Yds. 

     Match 3

    10 SHOT

    1000 Yds.

    Match 4

    10 SHOT

    1000 Yds. 

    Match 5

    10 SHOT

    1000 Yds. 



     Bill Bruske  49  45  43  65  58-1X  260-1X

     3rd Gov. Tr.

    1st Tollofson

     Len Ciphrey  14  45  82  57  51  249  1st Unc. Master
     Al lipski  33  15  15  32  51  146

     2nd Unc. Master

    3rd Tollofson

     Bruce Obrentz  38  74  47  64  47  269  2nd Gov. Tr.
     Ron Walters  67-1X  39  47  61  81  295-1X

    1st Gov. Tr.

    LR State

    Champ Irons

     Wyatt Bruske  0  39  31  68  33  171

     3rd Scope

    2nd Tollofson

     Lloyd Gower  14  54  46  33  39  186  2nd Scope
     Barbara Walters  58  42  50  52  66  268  LR State Champ Scope

    Welcome to Al Lipski, a veteran Long-Range Grayling shooter but new the the Black Powder Matches. I set him up with a rifle and ammo but due to an oversight on my part he got defective cleaning patches and would have done a lot better I'm sure with good ones. Not the best effort on my part to get a new shooter to join our ranks but, I will continue to purse him since we are cousins. After decades of shooting here this was our last match at Camp Grayling Army National Guard Training Base. We had very difficult weather to shoot in as shown by the low scores. We had all hoped to really set the world on fire for our farewell match but, as per normal, Grayling had its own agenda. Again, we shot side by side with the Long-Range Division to be able to cover the $3000 a weekend match fees we now get charged for this range. Being our last match here on our home range, we all felt like we were at a family members funeral. Even so we made the best of it and had a good time. Since this match we were given an opportunity to move our long-range matches to Camp Atterbury in Edinburg Indiana. In 2020 we currently have 2 matches scheduled for Camp Atterbury.

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